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Brussels sprouts

Our green vitamin bomb is back! Already cleaned, Brussels sprouts are very easy to prepare. Delicious on an autumnal evening!

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The white mushroom is the most popular and most cultivated edible mushroom, but nowadays more and more other species are used in the kitchen, such as the chestnut mushroom, the oyster mushroom and the shii-take. At the REO Veiling you can find all sorts of mushrooms in different gradings and packaging.

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Fennel: simply quality

Fennel has a typical fresh aniseed taste. The young foliage, also called "the feathers", are sometimes used as a garnish or to season salads and fish soups.

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Cauliflower's green brother is broccoli. Broccoli has little green to violet flowers and a thik stem. The taste of broccoli is comparable to the taste of cauliflower, but it's more delicate and spicy. The whole plant is eatable. The branches and leaves are therefore also fit for consumption.

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Bell pepper

A variety of the bell pepper is the sweet pointed pepper. Delicious in soups, sauces, stuffed or just sliced as an appetiser, the sweet pointed pepper is more popular amongst children who like its sweet taste.

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Loose, on the vine, red, yellow, brown, small, large, round, oval, ribbed, pepper shaped ... Tomatoes come in all shapes and colors. It's quite an adventure to seek out the tomato that suits you! The tastiest Tomatoes have one thing in common: they wear the Fine Fleur, Tomabel or Flandria label!

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A fresh cucumber is shiny, firm, has an even shape and a solid green stem. Cucumber is usually cultivated during the summer, but thanks to our skilled producers, it's available all year round. 

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Lamb's lettuce

Lamb’s lettuce is available all year round, but the best ones are available during winter and spring. The beautiful leaves are very delicate, so be careful. Lamb’s lettuce is crispy and has a spicy hazelnut taste.

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