Surplus food/waste management

Surplus food

The REO Auction is an important pioneer in the fight against food waste in Europe. In 2017, the REO Auction won the very first Food Waste Award, awarded by FSE Networks in collaboration with OVAM and Komosie. Every year, the REO Auction sells about 250,000 tonnes of home-grown fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. When the REO Auction has to deal with food waste, it seeks to find solutions to provide a useful home for these products. In the first instance, surplus food goes to the food banks in West Flanders, East Flanders, Hainaut and Namur. As a result, 500,000 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, or an average of 1 articulated lorry trailer per week, is sent to underprivileged people every year. In addition, surplus waste is also reused to feed animals. By the way, the REO Auction is the only Flemish vegetable auction which is FCA-certified to reuse its products as animal fodder. Not only dairy cows from the same region, but also animals in Bellwaerde (animal and amusement park) are fed with REO products.

Vacuum cooler

The REO Auction has a vacuum cooler. A vacuum is created in the vacuum box. As a result, the water evaporates at the ambient temperature. Together with the water, heat is extracted from the lettuce, as a result of which it is quickly refrigerated and the product can be kept for much longer. This means that the lettuce can remain longer on store shelves or can be transported using lorries to remote destinations such as Spain and Italy.

Multi-use packaging

The REO Auction encourages the use of multi-use packaging for its products. The packaging comes in virtually all colours, sizes and materials, based on the customer’s preferences.

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